Richard DeNapoli: 2012 RNC Delegate

As featured in the Tampa Bay Times

Richard DeNapoli

Richard DeNapoli

Delegate from Hollywood

Richard DeNapoli

Supported in the primary: Uncommitted

Party role: Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee

Quote: “I am looking forward to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Connie Mack and all of our local Florida leaders. It’s inspiring to see all the other Republican activists from across the country. To see all of our national figures is very exciting, and to have it all in Florida, our home state, is even better.”

Occupation: Trust officer at a bank

Age: 35

Why this delegate is noteworthy: DeNapoli comes from a  county where there are twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans. Paul Ryan’s mother lives in Broward (Lauderdale-by-the Sea). DeNapoli would like to meet her and do some sort of event with her in Broward.

Prior conventions:

  • RNC 2008, St. Paul, MN

Follow this delegate’s convention experience:

Twitter: @richarddenapoli

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