Rico Petrocelli is the New BREC Executive Director


Rico Petrocelli

Rico Petrocelli

DECEMBER 27, 2010

BROWARD COUNTY – Former Plantation City Councilman and longtime BREC Member Rico Petrocelli will begin as the new BREC Executive Director on January 3, 2011.  Mr. Petrocelli brings a unique background of experience in business, politics, and media to the position.

Mr. Petrocelli served on the Plantation City Council from 2005 through 2008, and was the Council’s President in 2008.  He currently serves as a Commissioner on the Broward County Housing Authority, and was appointed to the Census Board by Plantation Councilman Jerry Fadgen – also a longtime BREC Member and current candidate for Plantation Mayor.

Mr. Petrocelli is also the owner and founder of The Plantation Journal, a local, community based daily online newspaper.
In his 40-years of work experience, Mr. Petrocelli has displayed a proven ability to motivate others, build effective teams, and get the job done.
“What I want to bring to BREC is teamwork – where we work together hitting on all eight cylinders with the common goal of electing Republicans,” said Mr. Petrocelli.  “We need to take advantage of the Republican tsunami created in the last election and carry it forward to the local, statewide, and federal elections over the next two years.  We also need to maintain and register new Republicans right here in Broward, reach out to Republicans in the business community, and work as hard as we can to represent the almost 250,000 Republicans in Broward County.”
“I know that Rico will bring the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the BREC that we need to strengthen our local party,” said Richard DeNapoli, Chairman of the Republican Party of Broward.
Press Release from Broward Republican Executive Committee Dated December 27, 2010.

Frank Messana is Asking for Your Help as He Runs for Margate City Commission

Dear BREC Members,

Fellow longtime BREC Member Frank Messana is asking for your help in his campaign for the Margate City Commission.

Frank is running in a special election for this vacant seat, and the election is on January 11th, 2011.

Frank is ready to provide volunteers with calling scripts, walk lists, and other information.  Frank is also asking for your donations so that he can mount an effective campaign.

Frank has been a BREC Member for many years and has served as the President of the Regional Republican Club.

You can reach Frank Messana directly at 754-235-0601.

Please visit his website at www.frankmessana.com.

All the best,

Richard DeNapoli, Chairman

Republican Party of Broward County


Original Email Date December 24, 2010

Transition…and Looking Ahead to 2011

Dear BREC Members,  

I want to thank you all once again for the honor of serving as your Chairman.

We are looking forward to an exciting year for the Republican Party of Broward!

Our next meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2011, at the Sheraton Suites hotel and will feature Fmr. Congressman E. Clay Shaw.  More details to follow.

With a great Board in place, we are working on many initiatives in advance of our next BREC meeting.  Here are some highlights:

Transition.  I have met extensively with the outgoing Board members and all have been very helpful during these last couple of weeks.  I wish to thank them all for making themselves available during this holiday season so that we can begin the New Year on the right track.

I have also met with the new Board and we will meet once again before the New Year.

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Quarterly.  Colleen, Sheela and I attended the RPOF Quarterly in Orlando on December 10-11, and met many great Republican leaders from all over the state.  We exchanged ideas, and I learned about successes in other counties that we could bring to Broward.  Governor-Elect Scott personally asked me to increase Republican registration in Broward, and I intend to do whatever it takes – with your help – to meet this request.

Additionally, I met with all of the candidates for the upcoming RPOF Chair election.  All are committed to helping our local County Executive Committees and know how important Broward County is to the state of Florida.

Best Wishes to Sharon Day!  Best wishes are also in order for our very own State Committeewoman, National Committeewoman, and RNC Secretary Sharon Day, who is running for Co-Chair of the RNC!

The 8 for 800 Platform.  With the help of the new Board and other committee members, I have already begun implementing many of the ideas outlined in the Eight Point Platform for the almost Eight Hundred Precincts in Broward.  If you believe in the 8 for 800 Platform and are willing to work extremely hard, let me know you’re interested in serving.

If you or anyone you know has any questions about the BREC, please feel free to contact me directly.  I have been and always will be accessible to our committee members.  My personal email is [email protected] and my personal cell number is 954-298-9121.

I’m looking forward to a great year for the BREC and the Republican Party!

All the best,

Richard DeNapoli, Chairman

Republican Party of Broward County


Original Email Date December 20, 2010

GOP UNITY – Richard DeNapoli Thanks All Candidates

Fellow BREC Members,  

GOP UNITY.  I wish to thank Tom Truex, Jay Narang, Gene Robinson, Carolyn Kennedy, and Earl Rodney for their dedication and commitment to the Republican Party.  I hold all of them and their work for the party in the highest esteem.  The BREC will need all of their talents to achieve our common goal of getting Republicans elected.  

Congratulations to Sheela Venero, BREC Secretary and Mark McCarthy, BREC Treasurer.  I look forward to working with all of the above BREC Candidates and Officers all of our committee members to strengthen our party and elect Republicans in Broward County.  


Without a doubt, 2011 must not be business as usual for Republicans.  The Democrats will focus on rebounding after their recent defeats and they will use whatever means necessary to accomplish that goal.  It will be so important forthe BREC to focus on getting our Republican candidates elected over the next two years.

Regardless of who you may have supported in Monday night’s election, we are all Republicans and must put our differences aside and work together.

I would rather focus on our shared conservative values and what unites us rather than what may divide us.  I’d much rather fight the Democrats than each other.

The BREC board is committed to contributing our very best in 2011 and 2012 and hope that all of our members will join us.  We can’t do it alone.  We need all of you, our leaders across Broward, to contribute your talents and skills to our cause.  Together, we can accomplish anything.

God Bless America,
Richard DeNapoli, Chairman


Thank You Again!

Original Email Date: December 10, 2010

Republicans Elect Richard DeNapoli as Broward Party Chairman

Here’s an article detailing the night I was elected as the new Broward Republican Party Chairman

Republicans elect Richard DeNapoli as new Broward party chairman

By Anthony Man

December 6, 2010 09:52 PM

Updated at 10:03 p.m.

A divided Broward Republican Party voted Monday night to elect Richard DeNapoli to a two-year term as party chairman.

DeNapoli, 33, is president of the Republican Club of Greater Hollywood and served since May as treasurer of the county party.

He’s a lawyer who works as a trust officer at private bank.

The usually orderly and businesslike Republicans were as contentious as their Democratic counterparts when they gathered Monday to elect their new chairman.

The election required two ballots. DeNapoli won 129 votes. Former Davie Mayor Tom Truex won 125 votes.

The first round of voting, which ended without a winner, ended at about 9 p.m. – two hours after the party election meeting started.

Before the second round of voting, the gathering of some 300 Republicans – most of whom were committeemen and committeewomen eligible to vote for party officers – the gathering was reduced to squabbling over the number of ballots cast and the number of eligible voters.

One woman shouted from the audience, sarcastically wondering if the liberal activist group ACORN – which is despised by Republicans – was involved in the party’s internal voting.

Before that, the four candidates for chairman called for goodwill toward fellow Republicans and unity.

Above, DeNapoli at a candidates forum a week before the chairman’s election.

On the first ballot, DeNapoli received 139 votes and Truex received 78 votes.

Before the squabbling that preceeded the second round of voting Jay Narang, who got 45 votes, and Gary Robinson, who got 14 votes, both endorsed Truex.

Narang, of Pembroke Pines, is president of the Southwest Broward Republican Organization. Robinson, of Coral Springs, is president of the Tamarac/Margate/Coconut Creek Republican Club

DeNapoli’s pitch for votes included a plea for Republicans “to focus on what unites us, not what divides us…. I’d rather take the fight to the Democrats, not each other.”

DeNapoli touted his experience raising money for the party, his work for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration, and founding of the Hollywood club. He offered an eight point plan for beefing up the party organization.

Truex described himself as a small business owner, NRA member and Sunday school teacher.

He said he wanted to “completely rebuild the Broward Republican Party.”

The plans offered by DeNapoli and the other candidates are fine, he said, but the party’s most important priority should be electing Republicans to local offices in Broward County.

Truex said that wouldn’t benefit him. If elected, he pledged not to run for a political office himself.

The four candidates were competing for a job that involves long hours, requires extensive fundraising efforts, and comes with a lot of criticism. And it’s unpaid.

The party chairman is the leading public face of Republicans in Broward and has a voice in governing the state Republican Party. The chairmanship has also been a stepping stone in the last decade or so for leaders who have gone on to other political offices.

Democrats don’t have a contest this year. Broward Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar was elected in December 2008 to a four-year term. Republican chairmen hold two-year terms.

The four-candidate Republican field is unusual. For most of the last decade, the chairman contests have been sedate affairs, with just one candidate.

Richard’s More than 10 Year Dedication to the Republican Party and Conservative Causes

Fellow BREC Member,
As we approach election day on Monday, December 6th, I wanted to share with you my Volunteer Resume. I have been committed to our party and the conservative cause as aGrassroots Volunteer & Activist for more than 10 years in New York and Florida, and look forward to serving you as your Chair.
Colleen Stolberg and I have the experience, grassroots commitment, and longevity in the BREC to truly make a positive impact. See below after the Volunteer Resume how Colleen and I have worked to implement our Eight Point Platform for the Almost Eight Hundred Precincts in Broward.

Colleen and I will work with all of you to make our Executive Committee stronger. We humbly ask for your vote on December 6th.

Thank you,

Richard DeNapoli

Richard DeNapoli’s Republican, Conservative, and Business Resume

1995 – 1999 – Active in College Republicans
1999 – Leadership Institute “training conservative leaders” Youth Leadership School Attendee

1999 – Earned Bachelor’s Degree, NYU, Majors: Politics, ItalianRichard Head Shot

2000 – Mayor Giuliani’s Legal Counsel’s Office; Volunteer for President Bush, local Republican State Senator, and the Rick Lazio for Senate Campaign; Poll watcher; Featured on ABC News during the 2000 Election Recount as a law student supporting Bush

2001 – Legal intern for the Center for the Community Interest, wrote briefs in support of Giuliani administration reforms

2001 – Political Consultant for Republican Campaign for New York City Council

2002 – Volunteer for Republican New York State CRichard with Jebontroller candidate

2002 – Earned Law Degree, Fordham

2003 – Returned to Florida to care for my elderly grandparents, opened Law Offices of Richard DeNapoli, specializing in Real Estate, Wills, Trusts

2003-2004 – Political Consultant, January Special Election District 91, became involved in BREC

2003 – Joined Broward County Young Republicans

2004 – Volunteer, President Bush, Broward County

2006 – Volunteer, Brenda Lynn Di Ioia for County Judge

2006 – Volunteer, Charlie Crist for Governor

2006 – Started getting more involved in our local Broward clubsRichard

2006 – Began service on BREC Candidate Recruitment and Political Committees

2007 – Leadership Hollywood Class XXXI

2007 – Host Committee, BREC Lincoln Day Gala with Mayor Giuliani, the most financially successful Lincoln Day in recent times

2007 – Featured on ABC Nightly News for Real Estate Investing

2007 – Attendee RBN Campaign Management Training

2007 – Appointed to the Florida Real Estate Commission

2008 – Earned Master of Law Degree in Estate Planning, University of Miami

2008 – Accepted offer to join a Private Bank as a Trust Officer; closed my law practice

2008 – Volunteer, Giuliani Presidential Campaign; Volunteer, John McCain after primary – made thousands of calls from the Southeast Victory Office, contributed, attended events all over the county for John McCain.

I always support our Republican nominees.Richard Newt

2008 – Delegate, Republican National Convention

2009 – Speaker, January 2009 BREC Meeting. Gave extensive presentation regarding Election 2008 Results

2009 – Treasurer, Southeast Club; Treasurer, Broward County Young Republicans

2009 – BREC Lincoln Day with Newt Gingrich; Volunteer

2009 – Attended Tax Day Tea Party & July 4th Tea Party at Broward & Federal with other BREC members

2009 – Attended RPOF Statesman’s Dinner in Orlando

2009 – Named to Broward County Political Leadership Team, Steering Committee, Bill McCollum for GovernorRichard with McCollum

January 2010 – Speaker/Presenter at BREC Campaign School

March 2010 – Founded Republican Club of Greater Hollywood with other BREC members from around Broward County…speakers included Karen Harrington, Hollywood City Commissioner Patty Asseff, Hollywood City Commissioner Heidi O’Sheehan, Sheriff Al Lamberti, School Board Member Former Chair/Vice Chair Kevin Tynan, RNC Secretary/State & National Committeewoman Sharon Day, State Committeeman Ed Kennedy, Commissioner Chip LaMarca, Chair Cindy Guerra…grew club to 40 members in a couple of monthsRichard Sharon Day

Spring through November 2010 –Attended Allen West functions, fundraisers, was on Allen West legal team

April 2010 – Attended Tax Day Tea Party Broward & Federal with other BREC members

May 2010 – Elected Treasurer of BREC. Total funds raised in 2010 after May 2010: $40,000. Funds raised in 2010 prior to May: $2,480.

June 2010 – Issued fundraising challenge at BREC meeting, matching any contributions personally up to $500.

July 2010 – Attended BREC Precinct Training, assisted in formulating programRichard with Marco Rubio

July 2010 – Attended the Reclaim America Town Hall on July 31 in Fort Lauderdale featuring Marco Rubio and Eric Cantor

August 2010 – Co-sponsored and moderated the Congressional 20 Republican Candidates debate, with over 200 attendees. Pledged as a BREC Officer and a local club President not to endorse any candidate in the primary. Supported Republican nominee Karen Harrington after the primary. I always support our Republican nominees.

August 2010 – Attended Super Saturday Meet Marco Rubio at BREC Headquarters before the primary.

August 2010 – Attended Broward GOP Unity Breakfast after the August 24th PrimaryRichard with George Moraitis

August 2010 – I proudly supported Bill McCollum in the primary – my commitment to his campaign began prior to my time as BREC Treasurer…and when McCollum lost I proudly supported our Republican nominee and now Governor-Elect Rick Scott. I always support our Republican nominees.

August through November 2010 – Walked for George Moraitis after the primary. Served on Moraitis host committee for fundraiser.

August 2010 – Speaker/Presenter at RBN-sponsored Precinct Training session in Coral Springs

August 2010 – Helped set up the Northwest Victory Office, setting up computers, furniture, etc.

September 2010 – Attended the Breakfast with Marco Rubio at the Northwest Victory OfficeUnity with Allen West

September 2010 – Organized and was a speaker/presenter at a precinct training session with State Committeeman Ed Kennedy at the Greater Hollywood Club

September 2010 – Attended Scott/Carroll Event at Dolphins Stadium

October 2010 – Walked for Allen West with other BREC members at the Tea Party Fort Lauderdale sponsored walk

October 2010 – Broward GOP Victory Dinner. Worked with Board to raise money for BREC’s support of our local candidates. Raised about $20,000.

October 2010 – Phone banked at the Northwest Victory Office for all Republican Candidates

October 2010 – Walked precincts from the Northwest Victory Office for ALL Republican Candidates

October 2010 – Delivered supplies for precinct walking campaigns to the Southwest Victory Office

October 2010 – Provided precinct information to many of our members; provided information on Early Voting and Absentee Voting stats via facebook through Election DayWith Rick Scott

October 2010 – Phone-banked for all the Statewide candidates on numerous occasions from home and at victory offices

October 2010 – Helped make hundreds of signs at the Rick Scott headquarters

Early Voting – Election Day 2010 – Poll Watcher for Rick Scott and all statewide candidates during Early Voting and on Election Day

Election Eve 2010 – Placed approximately 200 signs around Hollywood and Hallandale Beach for Rick Scott

Election Night 2010 – Sponsored with my own funds the Broward GOP Election Night Victory Party…more than 100 attended.


Making Calls
Making calls at the Fort Lauderdale Victory Office
Precinct Walk 10-23
Getting ready for a precinct walk on 10-23-2010
During our time in the BREC, Colleen and I have lead by example, contributing in some way to every point in our
Eight-Point Platform for the almost Eight Hundred Precincts in Broward.
1. GOP UNITY. While serving as your Treasurer, I have made numerous appeals for GOP UNITY, and have not endorsed any candidates in primaries since becoming your Treasurer, despite numerous requests. I have reached out to outside organizations, registered new Republicans, and brought people into the BREC.
2. GROWING OUR MEMBERSHIP. Colleen helped sign up 176 new BREC members during her tenure as Membership Chair from 2006-2008. As a founder the Republican Club of Greater Hollywood this year, we recruited over 40 paid members in a couple of months…in one of the most Democratic parts of the County. Almost all of our members became BREC members. Colleen and I are committed to filling our vacant precincts so that no matter who is running – whether a local, state, or federal candidate – there are active committee members throughout the county in place to turn out the vote. We have brought in new members from outside organizations and tea party groups and assisted outside groups in promoting our Republican candidates.
3. EMPOWERING OUR MEMBERS AND LOCAL CLUBS. I am member of most of our local clubs and a club President, and have empowered our members with precinct list information, precinct letter drafts, statistics on early and absentee voting, and any other information that I could provide.
4. FUNDRAISING. Since I became Treasurer in May 2010, the BREC has raised $40,000. Prior to that in 2010, the BREC had raised $2,480. By matching contributions with my own funds, working with the rest of the Board on the Victory Dinner, limiting our meeting expenses where possible, collecting contributions wherever possible, and making fundraising an issue, I helped to keep our organization going and assisted our candidates and victory offices through the November elections. By working with all of you and remaining diligent about fundraising, we will be able to hire an Executive Director and provide more resources for our members and candidates.
5. COMMITTEES. Colleen and I have served on committees for the BREC, and know that there is a lot of talent among our Executive Committee members. Whether advising candidates or recruiting new members, Colleen and I have made a positive impact while serving on committees in the past. As your Chair and Vice-Chair, we will bring back the committee structure so all of our members can contribute their talents to the organization.
6. TECHNOLOGY. Whether providing precinct information and precinct letter drafts via email or using Facebook to update our members on election statistics, I have a keen grasp of how technology can empower our members. Colleen and I are committed to creating a new website for the BREC that will incorporate all the latest technology.
7. GOTV TRAINING. I have presented at BREC precinct training sessions and shared my own precinct letters as a model for our members. I have personally provided precinct information to many of our BREC members and candidates. Through regular precinct training, we can help our members succeed.
8. SHARED CELEBRATIONS. Colleen and I know that we can’t do it alone, and know that recognizing the efforts of our local clubs, volunteers and members will promote more goodwill throughout our organization. In our very first announcement of our candidacy, we thanked all of our committee members for their hard work on Election 2010. We know that the strength of our organization lies in its members. Without all of you, our dedicated volunteers, our victories in the future will not be possible.

Please call me at 954-298-9121 with any questions you might have about myself or Colleen. I’ve enjoyed volunteering for the Republican and conservative cause these past 10 years, and I look forward to continuing my service for all of our members.


Richard DeNapoli

Candidate for Chair



Richard Head Shot


Funds raised by BREC in 2010 prior to May: $2,480

Funds raised by BREC in 2010 after May: $40,000


Born and raised in Hollywood, where I still live today

Attorney since 2002

Trust Officer at a Private Bank



Lector at my church

Featured on ABC News for Real Estate Investing



Contributor to dozens of Republican campaigns

Founder & President of Republican Club of Greater Hollywood, grew club to over 40 paid members in a couple of months

Florida Real Estate Commissioner since 2007

Elected Chairman of the Florida Real Estate Commission 2010, where I preside over hundreds of cases and respondents at commission meetings every month to protect the public

Attended BREC meetings since 2003

Served on BREC Committees since 2006

Have not missed a BREC meeting in over 3 years

Broward County Young Republican meetings since 2003

Treasurer of Broward County Young Republicans since 2009

Delegate to the 2008

Republican National Convention

Tireless campaigner for Republican Nominees in NY & FL for over 10 years

Served as Campaign Manager or Consultant on dozens of Republican campaigns in NY & FL

Member of many local Republican clubs, including RBN, Coral Springs / Parkland, Regional, Lauderdale Beach, SW Broward Republican Organization,

Greater Pompano Republican Club, etc.

Mailed precinct letters, called, walked, dropped literature in my precinct for every election




2008 Republican National Convention
Richard with Pam Bondi
richard with Jennifer Carroll
Eric Cantor Richard
555 NW 62nd STREET
555 NW 62nd STREET