Broward GOP Successful at Getting Dead People Listed as “Active Voters” Removed from Broward Rolls






July 11, 2012

Contact Richard DeNapoli, Chairman


On May 21, 2012, the Broward Republican Executive Committee (“BREC”) issued a press release and supplied evidence to the media showing that deceased people from Broward County were still listed as “active” and “eligible to vote” voters on the Broward County rolls.  The evidence was provided to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (“Broward SOE”), Dr. Brenda C. Snipes.  (Please see our original press releases and coverage below.)

Dr. Snipes informed the media (on May 21, 2012) that about 5,000 dead people had already been removed from the voter rolls, yet the hundreds that the BREC found still remained on the rolls. After the BREC received coverage in the local newspapers, CBS News 4 (Miami), and Fox News, the names of the dead yet still “active” voters that the BREC discovered were finally removed the weekend before our June BREC meeting.

Chairman DeNapoli announced the Broward GOP’s success at the June 25, 2012, BREC meeting.  You can watch the video by clicking below.

Broward GOP Successful at Getting Deceased Removed from Voter Rolls
Broward GOP Successful at Getting Deceased Removed from Voter Rolls

The BREC will continue to keep a watchful eye on the Broward voting rolls to help protect the integrity of the local election process and prevent voter fraud.

For further information, please contact BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli at 954-298-9121 or 954-941-7775.   



May 23, 2012


BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli appears on CBS 4 

to Talk about the Broward GOP’s Finding of 

Dead People Still Listed as Active on the Broward Rolls

BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli

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“FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Can you be in the grave, but still have a pulse to vote? The answer is yes, in South Florida.

Using a new data base, the Florida Department of State found nearly 52,000 dead people still listed as active voters. So far, Broward has pulled out 4,482 names of dead voters from the rolls; Miami-Dade has dropped 4,860 dead voters from the rolls, according to Chris Cate, the Communications director at the Florida Department of State.

“Obviously it’s absurd, but how do you police it, I don’t know,” wondered voter Augi Moran.

“It’s not right but I don’t know what the government is doing about it,” said voter Seymour Braun.

The chair of Broward’s Republican party, Richard DeNapoli, fears it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

DeNapoli said his office cross referenced social security information with the Broward Elections office list and found hundreds of dead voter names still on the rolls. He said in 2011 there were 9900 deaths in Broward County. Also the Broward GOP checked 2100 of those names and determined 481 deceased voters were on the rolls.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes is looking into the non-citizen voters and the Broward GOP claims on dead voters. She said verification is a process.

Snipes also noted that reconciling death and voter registration in South Florida is challenging because of our transient population. In other words someone may live in South Florida but will die in another state or even another country.

“We rely on the state to send information and will accept information from families if there is a death certificate,”said Snipes. “We are up to date on the information and process it as soon as we have it,” Snipes insists.

Additionally, the Broward elections office said voters who miss two federal elections are reclassified as inactive, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. CBSMiami checked with the Broward elections office and was told that if you are moved to the inactive list, you have to re-register to vote.

Broward’s GOP is hoping all the rolls are up to date in time for the presidential election in November.

Given the new restraints on voter registration efforts, that has the possibility of hampering some voter turnout in the coming presidential election.

Historically, if turnout for the presidential election is heavy, it favors Democrats and conversely, if turnout is light, it favors Republicans.”



Presenting the evidence at the Republican Party of Broward Meeting on 5/21/2012

Broward GOP Offers 

Broward Supervisor of Elections 

Evidence of Deceased Voters on Broward Rolls 

Deceased Voters Need to be Removed 

to Protect Election Integrity 

May 21, 2012
Contact Richard DeNapoli
954/298-9121 or 954/941-7775
The Broward Republican Executive Committee (“BREC”) has determined that deceased people from Broward County are still listed as ”active” voters according to the website of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (“Broward SOE”), Dr. Brenda C. Snipes.
BREC officials conducted a search of the Social Security Death Index (“SSDI”) for Broward County for the 2011 calendar year as obtained through  The search was conducted from May 13-19, 2012.  The results revealed that 9,960 Broward County residents had passed away during the 2011 calendar year.  BREC officials then checked 2,100 of these names without regard to party registration against the Broward SOE’s web site: 481 deceased individuals cross-referenced by name, birth date, city or zip code were still listed as “active” voters according to the Broward SOE. This is 23 percent of the deceased persons examined.
BREC officials undertook this detailed examination to help protect the integrity of the local election process. We are forwarding our evidence of these 481 deceased yet still “active” voters so that the Broward SOE has ample time to conduct a thorough investigation and remove the names of deceased voters from the registration rolls prior to the 2012 primary and general elections.  All voters want a fair and honest election and we know that Broward SOE, Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, will correct this oversight.  We hope to work with her on this endeavor.
BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli will present these findings at tonight’s regular monthly BREC meeting starting at 7:00 PM at the Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek hotel located at 555 NW 62nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.
Source materials will be available to the media.
For further information, please contact BREC Chairman Richard DeNapoli at 954/298-9121 or 954/941-7775.


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