Richard DeNapoli Named One of the Best REC Fundraisers

I had the pleasure of being featured in Florida Conservative News as one of the Best Republican Executive Committee Fundraisers for 2011.  Check out the article below…

“Best REC Fundraisers Profiles: Richard DeNapoli, Broward

Talk about a turnaround story – Treasurer’s Reports online in Broward only go back to the first quarter of 2008, and the Broward REC has never raised as much money in the history of these reports as it has under Chairman DeNapoli.  Richard DeNapoli is one of the youngest Chairman in the RPOF structure, elected at 33 years old in a highly contested election.  Apparently, his business and campaign background (he’s known for being involved in numerous campaigns), has served the REC well.  He has had a successful Lincoln Day (with about 450 in attendance) as well as an event called the Grand Old Party BBQ, which reportedly attracted some 600 guests.  The Broward delegation at Presidency 5 was also large – 173 members.  Though Broward County has some well-to-do areas, it seems it had never been tapped appropriately for fundraising by the Broward REC…until now.  Whatever formula DeNapoli is using, it’s successful.  The Broward REC is also one of the largest in the state at approximately 400 members, and we’ve heard that their regular monthly meetings bring in well over 300 people – a large increase over previous years.  It’s always tough to be a Chairman in large RECs like Palm Beach and Broward for the simple reason that it’s tough to keep tons of people happy.